The legendary tale of the three guardians has spread across the lands, inviting brave (and foolhardy) adventurers on a quest to earn fame and glory by claiming the dungeon's throne. Numerous men have fallen, yet many still try their luck. Think you've got what it takes to delve in to the dungeon and live to tell the tale?

  • Retro style pixel-art graphics!
  • 3 Areas with their themed level designs and enemies!
  • Boss fights!
  • Items and upgrades!
  • Featuring music by Visager!

This is my first "real" game release so I'd really appreciate feedback and any bugs that you might find you can either put in the comments or tweet at me:


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I finally got back to this and finished the game! The difficulty definitely ramped up with the final few levels, and the final boss was very well done. This is a very fun experience that I would be happy to recommend to others who enjoy these sorts of games. I did run into just a few issues that I didn't catch in my last run, so here they are, if you're interested:

  • Level 1-2 has three chests but only displays two in the info box (opening both chests at the same time seems to count as one, because the right chest was back to being unopened when I returned to this level later).
  • Level 1-5 also has three chests but only displays two in the info box.
  • The bloody rightward arrow in the bottom path of 1-5 has collision as if it was a solid object.
  • I wasn't able to find any chests in 3-2. Maybe they're just really well-hidden?
  • I'm not sure if this is unintended, but getting one of the yellow stones for the mana booster upgrade and dying in the level causes it to respawn but still add to your total (I happened to notice that the one I picked up in the first world didn't respawn when I revisited the level).

Good game i liked it. Good tunes aswell.

Pretty solid game, i wish the scrolling and elevators were faster but that is about all my nitpicks

I wanted to emulate the scrolling that is present in early console games to give it a more retro feel, but I understand how it could feel a little cumbersome!

a lot better with the new controls but when i get any health or mana bottles they dont show up in the boxes at the bottom of the screen so i cant use them ?

You need to access your inventory to slot them. Press [esc] to open the menu.

Hey, Ayybaddon. I really liked the game from what I played. The graphics are simple and really beautiful in a pixely way. Combat was minimal but simple enough. It was clear you wanted to steer attention toward platforming, which was a good decision on your part.

I didn't end up getting to the ice and fire stages, though.

At one point I came across a room I got "stuck" in. I put stuck in quotations because I'm guessing I was lacking some kind of power-up or ability to traverse the poisonous pit and spikes seen in these two images.

I only had a single jump, and the default abilities (the sword and fire blast).

What do you think it could be? A bug? Or is it an intended design choice? Maybe I'm just missing something.

A few other small things I'd add, would be feedback when hitting enemies (like having enemies get knocked back), along with sound effects.

Overall, great first game! Are you planning on updating it with new content in the future? Adding improvements?


Thanks for the feedback! The part where you're stuck at actually has two paths. You can grab the chain in the first room and then jump precisely down the hole in the centre. Alternatively you can go through to the right where you will meet the room with the laser eyes shooting down towards a poisonous pit.

What you're supposed to do here is to see that the lasers are disappearing at different spots indicating that there are invisible platforms that you can jump on to get across. I get it now that it might not be that obvious and so I might make the laser give more feedback when hitting the invisible platform.

As for the game's future, It will probably not get any more content updates. I might change my mind though so we'll see :). I will be providing some fixes and patches that I feel are necessary through feedback like yours.

I really appreciate you taking the time to write this to me and thanks for playing my game!

Ooooh yeah the laser thing should've been a dead giveaway that there are platforms there I could jump on.  Well, I'm glad to know I wasn't stuck then.

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This is a really nice and simple platformer! Well done on your first public release!

I made it through the first area before foolishly clicking "Quit Game" in the pull-up menu while looking for an option to return to the hub, causing the game to lock up. I'm assuming this was intended to be a downloadable game at some point?

The default control scheme is a little unintuitive, so the ability to configure custom controls in the menu is highly appreciated. I also think arrow key movement controls suit this game better due to the large amount of other keys that need to be used during gameplay.

I did notice a few bugs while I was playing. The final chain in 1-4 will cause the screen to scroll upward and get you stuck in the ceiling if you climb it all the way. The eyeball enemies would also sometimes be moonwalking when I entered the screens containing them from different directions.

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Thanks for the feedback! I will look into providing a fix for the scrolling bug. I did notice the moonwalking eyes when I was testing but I thought it was funny so I kept it in :D

I might also swap the default movement keys to arrow keys since I do see now how it can be a little bizarre.

The game autosaves too so you should be able to just reload the game if you accidentally press quit game.

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I played through some more of your game and got stuck at 3-3. It's very fun and I am enjoying the variety of content in the later areas, but I seem to be encountering bugs more frequently.

Here's a list of bugs I encountered along the way:

  • The collision box for ladders is a bit wider than it should be; this is apparent in 2-1 where you can jump off the side of the ladder to get into the secret path the wrong way.
  • You get stuck inside a wall if you walk past the exit in 2-5.
  • The second boss still does damage during its death animation. I died to this because I was in the middle of the screen.
  • When you open the menu on a screen with grappling points, you can see arcs display on top of the menu.
  • There is no option to set a custom control for grappling.
  • I found two treasure chests in 3-1 despite the level info saying that there is only one chest in the level.
  • There is a treasure chest in 3-3 that requires you to grapple across a lava pit that cannot be opened.
  • A little ways past the locked door in 3-3 is a screen that appears to be impossible because of a single block being in the way of a jump that must be made at the bottom of the screen.
  • After purchasing the health upgrade, I would die even though I still had half a heart of life remaining.

Thank you SO much for these bug reports! I've developed fixes for all of these and will be uploading a patched version later today when I get home. <3


Check the settings on the in-game menu, you should be able to change them from their default keys.